søndag den 31. juli 2011

DIY lamp

Spot the IKEA shelf bracket with a bulb in a porcelain socket and a textile cord.

Bath likes

I love the combination of these two tiles. 
Transparant glass tub and glass mosaic tiles.
Like the floor!
And nice sink, tub and toilet.
Like the mosaic tub in combination with the dark matt wall.
Cosy but a bit impractical shower curtain. Cute little ship.

onsdag den 27. juli 2011

Viva Mexico

These pictures gives me flashbacks to my 20 birthday,  which I spend in a hammock in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Mexican car
Mexican door
Mexican cushions
Mexican staircase
Mexican fabric
Mexican pom-pons
Mexican door
Mexican graffiti
One-of-a-kind Berr armchair, Green Field 1298$
Danish design meets mexican design

Dinner is served


Stunning images of beautiful rooms. 
Real or unreal? 

A waste of talent

This cleaning man or lady obviously has a future in visual merchandiser industry. To get really boring things to look almost interesting. Maybe he should have my job when i resign on Friday.

søndag den 24. juli 2011


I love kelim!
What is kelim?

Kelim is a flat tapestry-woven carpets or rugs produced from the
the Balkans to pakistan.
To make a kilim, the weaver stretches cotton or linen warp threads on a loom and then weaves brightly colored weft threads to create a pattern. The rug is typically so tightly woven that no sign of the plain warp threads can be seen. These rugs typically have geometric or floral themes, and many kilims contain references to the areas in which they are made, such as tribal insignia. 

Todays eye catch

Things that caught my eye today